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For each Christian, prayer changes throughout our journeys with Jesus Christ. There are seasons where it seems easier to pray, and others where it seems a struggle to break through. One season that can be devastating to our prayer lives is a season of complacency. It’s something that can develop with little notice, stunt one’s Christian growth in Christ, and leave one ending up feeling like prayer is best saved for only important occasions, or when needed most. Complacency is a retreat away from life-giving relationship with Jesus in prayer. Contrary to what is easy to believe, when we are complacent in/about prayer, we do not “idly hold our ground;” we drift further from our previous place, position, and confidence in prayer. Complacency in prayer holds no benefit to the Christian, or those influenced (or potentially influenced) by his/her prayers.
Complacency in prayer (corporate prayer, especially) is rampant in our nation. Many seem content right where their prayer lives dwell currently. “I’m good,” they say. As long as one feels safe and content with their health, wealth, or material possessions, their growth and maturity in prayer is not a high priority. There’s little consideration for storing up treasures in heaven when we have more treasures on earth than we know what to do with! See Matthew 6:19-24 .
The fruits of complacency in corporate prayer show up in poor attendance and participation in prayer meetings, outreaches, and classes throughout our land. If I had a coin for every time somebody had a lawn needing manicuring, a ball game to attend, or a nap that took priority over a corporate prayer time…
Recently, I came across a framed needlework that my mother sewed close to 30 years ago. It reads, *”Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest til your good is better and your better is best.”* It was a saying she discovered in an old Reader’s Digest or some similar publication. While it’s not biblical, it can have application in our Christian prayer lives!
How do we improve in prayer and deepen our desire for, and our connection in, corporate prayer? How do we help our good become better, and our better reach best?

*Sometimes It’s Easy to Overlook the Simplest Solution*
When it comes to prayer, the best advice I can give to someone asking what they can do to improve or grow their prayer life is simple: ask God to assess your prayer life, and then grow your love to pray. Talk with Him about it! While there are hundreds of books and articles on prayer, numerous scriptures, pastors and prayer leaders that one could approach for information and advice, I’ve always found God to be the best to seek out first in prayer, and about prayer. He is a master at leading, guiding, and directing by His Holy Spirit! Let Him direct you down the pathway of the prayer journey He wants you to travel. He will be with you every step of the way, and He will faithfully guide you to Scripture, a trainer, book, or another resource that He desires to use to grow you His way (for your unique prayer journey and walk with Him). As you allow Him to do so, it will benefit others as well! Your good will become better.
If increasing numbers of Christians begin doing this, and continue doing this, I believe God will revive His Church and possibly bring a Great Awakening to our nation in this generation. There’s power in the prayer that asks God to grow one’s love to pray!
Never let your prayer life rest until your good is better and your better is best! Continually seek the Lord’s perspective about prayer, and how He best desires you to pray, both corporately and privately. That’s where you will reach your best as He points you to His best!

*Upcoming Central Indiana Prayer Opportunities*
*Tuesday, June 20th, 10:00am- 11:00am* Thrive Christian Church Pre-Grand Opening On Site Prayer. Join in prayer for/with Pastor Graham Richards and the staff of Thrive Christian Church (15091 Towne Rd., Westfield, IN 46074) and also pray through Thrive’s new facility prior to their grand opening this coming weekend! This is a one-time opportunity you won’t want to miss!
*Thursday, June 22nd- 5:45pm-6:45pm* OneCry Revival Prayer held at Village Park Bible Methodist Church (219 W. 161st St., Westfield, IN 46074). Join your prayers with others seeking God to bring Revival in the Church, plus a Great Awakening to our nation in this generation. Christians of all denominations or non-denominational backgrounds are welcome to attend and pray.
*Thursday, July 6th- Noon-1:00pm* Carmel Prays- a monthly hour of prayer for Carmel, IN and our nation. Held at Old National Bank (1430 S Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032) on the first Thursday of each month.
*Sunday July 16th- Saturday July 22nd* A special week of OnSite prayer events and focus throughout the city of Westfield, Indiana. Prayer evangelism training, outreach, plus on site prayer at local Christian non profits, churches, public schools, and more will fill the week as we seek God for Westfield, Indiana. More details, plus a schedule to come. Mark this week on your calendars, and then join in as often as you’re able!
Rob Griepentrog

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