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*Welcome to this week’s IndyPrayer… thank you for praying!*

During the week of *April 24 – 30, 2017 *please unite with us in praying for the four requests listed below. You may pray for these requests just once during the week or more often if you’d like. Feel free to pray alone, with your spouse or a friend, in a small group or Bible Study, etc.

Our desire is that *IndyPrayer* will be a catalyst for uniting and focusing God’s people in prayer for the city of Indianapolis (Jeremiah 29:7 & 12).

· Join us as we give thanks for the Hamilton County Prayer Breakfast that took place in Carmel last week. Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of those who were in attendance.
· Pray that our local legislators will be strengthened and that they would follow God’s direction as they rely on God’s guidance, wisdom and discernment.
· Dr. Todd Rudolph of Chattanooga observed, *”Evil is indiscriminate in who and what it affects…so is the love of God.”* Pray that God’s love would permeate the hearts and minds of those in Indianapolis as it pushes back the ravages of crime, violence and evil in our city.
· Pray that God would ignite the fire of revival in your heart and in the hearts of Christ-followers throughout Indianapolis. Pray that He would protect, defend, comfort and empower His children. Pray that He would equip us as we put on His full armor so that we can stand against the devil’s schemes (Eph. 6:10 – 18).

Thank you for praying for the city of Indianapolis – through dependence on God a difference *can* be made! Matthew 19:26 reminds us that “with God all things are possible.”

Feel free to forward this email to friends and co-workers but *please ask them for their permission first*, or encourage others to sign up directly at IndyPrayer@CBMC.com.

———————————————————— —————————

*Special Events*:
– Mark your calendar now for the *2017 Indianapolis Prayer Breakfas*t on the morning of *Tuesday, October 24* (more details to follow).

*Prayer Resources & Info**:*

– *Prayer for the Week* – Here’s this week’s suggestion for keeping prayer fresh in your life: *State Capitol* – when you walk or drive by our State Capitol or City-County Council building, let it be a reminder to pray for our local government. If you go inside, leave a short note for one of our elected officials – let him or her know you are praying for that individual and for our city.

– *Community Prayer Siren* – If you live in an area where a local Community Warning Siren sounds on Fridays at 11:00, use it as a reminder to pray for Indianapolis. The next time you hear the siren, let it be your personal “call to prayer.” Pray that God would work in extraordinary ways throughout the city. Pray for neighbors, community leaders, pastors, teachers, firemen, policemen, etc.

– *Prayer App* – consider checking out itunes.apple.com/us/ app/adoptyourstreet/id1046167369?mt=8 to download an app called “Adopt Your Street.” This app prompts people to unite in prayer for their neighborhood.

– *Your Invitation* – You are invited to join others in praying for the city of Indianapolis on the third Thursday of each month, from 12 – 1pm, on the first floor of the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic at 3333 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis.

– *Weekly Prayer Blog* – Every Wednesday Ruth Esther Vawter writes a blog on prayer. You can check it out and sign up at chapelhillumc.nextmeta.com/content.cfm?id=311.

– *Worship and Prayer* – “Tidewind Ministries” hosts opportunities for worship and prayer several times a month at different Indianapolis locations. For info go to www.tidewind.org or contact John at john.pescio@gmail.com.

– *Prayer at the Statehouse* – Join others in prayer with and for our Indiana political leaders at the Statehouse in downtown Indy on Thursdays from 12:10 – 12:35, and/or attend a Bible Study there on Fridays at noon. Both meetings are held in the Chapel on the 4th floor. Also, check out www.publicservantsprayer.org for a blog and *daily prayer email* focused on our elected leaders. For more info contact Matt Barnes with “Capitol Commission” at Matthew.Barnes@CapitolCom.org.

– *Praying for Your Children and School* – “Mom’s In Prayer, International” impacts children and schools for Christ by gathering mothers locally and around the world to pray. For more info contact Lori at wingsofeagles40.31@netzero.net or go to www.MomsInPrayer.org.

– *Citywide Prayer Service* – The local organization, “Faith, Hope & Love” sponsors a citywide Prayer Service each month. For info please send an email to cwprayer@fhlinternational.org or call 317.898.2751 <(317)%20898-2751>.

– *Equipped for Prayer* – “OnSite International” exists to motivate, equip and send people to pray for the blessing of God on churches, people, cities and nations. The purpose is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ through church development, discipleship and evangelism. For more info on local onsite prayer opportunities, visit www.prayonsite.org or contact Rob at robg@prayonsite.org.

– *Local, State & Global Prayer* – You are welcome to join “Aglow International” (www.aglow.org) for local, state and global prayer on the first Wednesday of each month, on the fourth floor of the State House in the Meditation Room, from 1:00 – 3:00pm. For more info please contact Debbie at 317.841.9201 <(317)%20841-9201>.

– *LOVE 2020* – Check out and join a nationwide movement of “Prayer, Care, Share” at www.love2020.com.

– *14-Day Prayer Devotional* – You can download this free devotional on Prayer by Tim Keller at www.bible.com/reading- plans/1240-prayer-a-14-day-devotional-by-tim-keller.

– *Fasting* – For practical information on prayer and fasting go to www.billbright.com/7steps.

– *Pray 4 the USA* – This ministry out of North Carolina offers a free monthly email of prayer requests for our country. Check it out at www.Pray4TheUSA.com .
*IndyPrayer* began in November 2005 as a simple grassroots effort to cover the city of Indianapolis with prayer. Currently there are over 900 people on email and more on twitter who are part of this growing network. *IndyPrayer *is sent out each week through the partnership of *The Indianapolis Prayer Breakfast *and *Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC). *To find out more about *CBMC* go to www.CBMC.com.
(NOTE: This weekly email is being sent to you because you have requested to receive *IndyPrayer*. Your privacy is important to us, therefore we will never give out, buy or sell your information. To *unsubscribe* please email us at IndyPrayer@CBMC.com).
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