‘ReadyIndy’ is the metro chapter of the national Christian Emergency Network.

  • History & Mission  |  What is a Ready Citizen?  |  What is a Ready Christian?  |  What is a Ready Church?  |  What is a Ready City?  |  Our Progress So Far  |  And see the Ministry Map for our City.

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ReadyINDY is the Greater Indianapolis chapter of the national Christian Emergency Network.
Founded in September 2010, ReadyINDY is a group of pastors, leaders, and other individual Christians who are: ‘Trained to be aware of what God is doing, Prepared to survive & support others, Ready to pray, care & give hope to those in crisis’. ReadyINDY’s mission is to raise up ReadyChristians & ReadyChurches in order to better become a ReadyCity. During emergencies, ReadyINDY will partner with disaster-response agencies and specially serve to accelerate wholistic compassion efforts by expediting communications among the Christian community.  [Our Core Values Model]

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What is a ‘Ready CITIZEN’ ?  (Click for further details.)  The 3 basics from a secular perspective…

  • Make a Kit.
  • Make a Plan.
  • Stay Informed.

What is a ‘Ready CHRISTIAN’ ? (Click for further details.)  First, be a ReadyCitizen (see above)… Then…

  • Study the biblical readiness standard.
  • Get a Buddy.  A catalyst for accountability & action.
  • Practice the Prayer-Care-Share readiness lifestyle.  [More training available?]

What is a ‘Ready CHURCH‘ ? (Click for further details.) A Church Team of ‘Ready Christians…

  • Build a Team.
  • Build a Plan.
  • Build Partnerships.

What is a ‘Ready CITY‘ ?  A 9-county network of ‘Ready Churches’…

ReadyIndy Progress so far…



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